Workwear Bundle Packages

Workwear bundle packages are an excellent investment for businesses that want to present a uniform, professional image while keeping their costs low. These packages typically include items of clothing such as work polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. 

Each of these can feature a full-colour logo embroidered to represent your brand and showcase your business name. There are numerous benefits to workwear bundles, from the aesthetics and professionalism to the cost savings. 

Thinking about investing in workwear bundles for your company? Below, we’ve written a short post about the main advantages of these packages – read on to learn more.

  • You Get Bulk Discounts

First of all, the biggest benefit of opting for a workwear bundle is that you will get a discount and save money as you will be buying in bulk. When you kit out your team as a package deal, the overall cost per item normally drops. 

As a result, it is far better for your company economically to buy in bulk, as it will reduce your costs and allow you to save your money to spend elsewhere. All in all, workwear bundles are cheaper than buying work shirts or hoodies individually.

  • Workwear is a Professional Solution

Simply put, there’s something to be said for a team that looks the part, and a common workwear or uniform is a great way to achieve a look of professionalism, togetherness and unity. Having consistent company workwear encourages a sense of community but also conveys a high level of professionalism. This cohesive appearance impresses clients and could result in new business too.

  • Buying Workwear From One Supplier is Easier

Purchasing individual workwear pieces can be a logistical nightmare, having to work with many different suppliers. But when you invest in workwear and get a bundle from a single supplier, this simplifies the whole process and makes it far quicker and easier. You cut down on admin and also speed up the process of getting new hires ready to hit the ground running.

  • Quality Will Last You Longer

Last of all, workwear bundle packages are of a higher quality, especially compared to individual items. As a result, this better quality means that your workwear will last you longer and represent a much better investment. 

You won’t need to worry about replacing your workwear items, and your investment will be a long-term one that you can rely on. With fewer replacements, you’ll keep your costs low and minimise your spending.

Interested in Workwear Bundle Packages?

Thinking about kitting out your workforce in high-quality, professional workwear? Considering a workwear bundle package? Here at Dynamic Embroidery, we know the importance of quality and affordability when it comes to kitting out your team with workwear. We offer bespoke workwear bundles that not only save you money but also boost your company’s image.

Our bundles include top-notch polo shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies, and a jacket, all embroidered or printed with your logo on the front left. Customisation is key; you can add extra logos or trade badges starting at just £1 per top. 

What’s even better is that our pricing is tiered – the more you buy, the more you save. For instance, a single workwear bundle is priced at £81.63, but if you purchase six or more, each bundle comes down to £69.63. 

That’s a saving of up to £12 per bundle. All of our prices include the setup of your logo for embroidery and free UK delivery. Whether you want to swap sweatshirts for hoodies or need a specific quotation for multiple bundles, we’re just an email away. 
We even offer trousers as an add-on for a complete look. To find out more, feel free to contact us on 0800 246 1105 or email us at

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