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Branded Hoodies with Full Colour Image & Printed Hoodies 

Here at Dynamic Embroidery, we specialise in supplying branded hoodies. Custom personalised hoodies, be it for workwear, clubs or groups. We use the latest industrial equipment to both embroider hoodies and print hoodies. We also supply a huge range of other personalised clothing, such as embroidered sweatshirts. We can supply all your branded hoodies needs.

Printed hoodie | Custom hoodie | Embroidered Hoodies at Dynamic Embroidery

We supply personalised hoodies from several quality brands, such as AWD Just Hoods, Russell, Pro RTX, Scruffs, Snickers and Kustom Kit, to name a few…

If you have a quote for branded hoodies, get in touch with the details, and we’ll see if we can price match – with better quality printing and embroidery…

Embroidered Hoodies

We can take your logo, digitise it and use industrial embroidery machines to stitch your logo onto the hoodie and other garments. We can stitch a logo front left, large chest or on the back of your hoodie. If you’re looking for a large image, you may want to consider DTF print, as we can print images large than we can embroider…

Printed Hoodies

We have invested in the latest DTF printing machines. These are able to print all types of logos, graphics, images and photographs in full colour. This new process creates stunningly vivid images; it is similar to a digital screen printing process. The beauty is the prints last a long time – the lifetime of the garment, so you don’t need to worry about the image peeling off.

We can even print really small text and very fine detail – printed hoodies are a great way to promote your business, club, group or association. Printed hoodies work out slightly cheaper than embroidered hoodies. We can also print larger images than we can embroider. So if you are after a nice large image on the front or back of your hoodie, you have come to the right place.

We usually print logos approx 270mm wide on the backs of hoodies – that’s nice and large, enough to really make it stand out from the crowd, and larger than we can embroider.  Again with the DTF process, the colours that are printed are very clear and vibrant and won’t dull over time when washed.

Custom hoodie | Printed Hoodie | Customized hoodie

Many companies offer what’s known as DTG printing (Direct to Garment). The process we use is a newer technology than DTG and gives a much better finish. Edges are sharper, colour detail is better, and DTF lasts longer… 

DTG prints directly onto the hoodie, so you are limited by the weave of the fabric as to how defined your images are. Overall, the resolution is OK but below that of the DTF we use. We use DTF, which prints onto a film, creating nice sharp edges and really defined images. This is then coated in white backing ink with pigment, which makes sure the colours are vibrant & won’t wash out. As we are printing onto film, we can put down more ink than DTG, creating a better depth of colour and long lasting durability.

Hoodies for Clubs, Groups And Sports

We supply a whole range of custom hoodies throughout the UK. We can offer great discount prices for those who bulk-order printed hoodies. We can help set up artwork, although we will need good quality images to start with. If you don’t have these, we can help to digitally re-draw your logo so it is suitable for printing. Prices start from £15, depending on the complexity of the design.

You can request a free quotation for small and large orders of custom printed hoodies.

Leavers Hoodies

Yes, we can supply leavers hoodies as well. We can print and embroider logos as well as print the leaver’s design on the back of the hoodie. We can also add personal names to the leaver’s hoodie. Get in touch for a free quotation.

How to Order Printed Hoodies

Get in touch with your requirements, and we can provide you with a quotation. We can help you choose the most suitable hoodie & other personalised clothing for you.  You can use the online webshop, but for larger orders, it’s easier to get in touch, and we’ll provide a quote for you.

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