Free Embroidery Digitising

FREE embroidery set up when you spend over £75 on embroidered workwear, uniforms & clothing.

No one likes having to pay extra digitising fees when ordering uniform, so we do our best to keep your uniform costs down. We run a special discount of free logo digitising when you spend over £75 on uniform.

We take your logo and convert it into a file suitable for the embroidery machine, choosing thread colours that match your logo.

Free logo digitising of your company logo for all your workwear & corporate uniform when you spend over £75
Free Logo set up when you spend over £75

What is an embroidery set up charge?
Embroidery is a great way to create beautiful logo designs that last. However converting your company logo into something an industrial machine with 15 needles to use is not so straight forward.

Embroidery machines need a special design files to be able to carefully stitch your logo in many colours. So what we need to do is convert your logo or graphic into stitch data the machine can read and understand. In essence your logo graphic is redrawn in special embroidery software dedicated for our machines. We then load this design into the machine, all we need to do is tell which order the thread colours go in and away it goes stitching your logo in perfect quality & using all the correct colours.

Converting a flat image or graphic into stitch data takes sometime – hence most suppliers charge a set up fee. Sometimes these can be in excess of £35! Does getting your logo digitised for free mean it isn’t as good as one for £35? We have years of experience in setting up embroidered logo’s – so we always produce high quality stitched logo’s that look very professional. We focus on the detail of your image, little things like most will stitch lettering all in one go. This leave a small amount of thread between each letter that can look untidy. We generally remove these bits of thread by getting the machine to do a cut at the end of each letter. This ensures all text looks really smart and neat.

Here at dynamic embroidery we want to keep things simple for you – so if you order over £75 of work clothing we will set up your design for free

So whether you are thinking of an embroidered workwear package or various embroidered clothing items from our catalogue – simply spend over £75+vat and you will receive a FREE set up of your logo. All we need is you to email your logo (best hi-resolution copy you have) to We always send a .PDF of your logo & how it will look embroidered. We include thread colours so it gives a good indication of how your company logo will look on your uniform. Various screens & monitor display colours differently, however it gives a good impression of what your workwear will look like.

Please note: Offer applies to standard front left breast logo’s. We stitch these usually around 10cm wide, depending on the height of your graphic. Larger embroidered logo’s take much longer to redraw & convert the stitch data. This is why our large graphic set up fee is £15. If you are having a similar logo front 6 back sometimes we are able to resize your front logo & add text to make it suitable for the back embroidery. If you let us know your requirements we will always do our best to keep set up fee’s as low as possible, if not FREE.

Our standard embroidery digitising rates are:

Front left chest upto 10cm wide £10

Back up to 24cm wide £15

Need to Re-Order on A regular Basis

Once we digitise your logo we keep it on file, along with the thread colours we have used – this means you can keep reordering your uniform knowing that the embroidered logo will always remain the same.

We assume that you either own the legal rights to reproduce any logo’s you supply or have brand / licence permission to reproduce brand logo’s – sorry we can not accept any responsibility for any breech of brand use.

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