Printed Workwear

Printed Workwear

Are you hesitant about opting for printed workwear? Allow us to dispel any doubts. Gone are the days when printing played second fiddle to embroidery. With our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, we can now offer vibrant, high-resolution, full-colour prints that are just as enduring as the garments they adorn.

Thanks to the innovative Direct-to-Film (DTF) technology we use, our garment prints are more robust and longer-lasting than traditional screen printing. Plus, you’ll love the fact that there are no cumbersome screens to set up, which means no upfront charges. All we need from you is a high-resolution digital graphic file.

But that’s not all! Printing isn’t just about cost-effectiveness; it’s also about capturing the essence of your brand. At Dynamic Embroidery, we have a wealth of experience in producing printed uniforms for businesses, clubs, and groups. We understand how to harness the latest technology to create prints that withstand the test of time, even after countless washes.

If your logo boasts a spectrum of colours and intricate details that might not be a good fit for embroidery, it’s time to give printed workwear a chance. Not only will you make a memorable impression, but you’ll also save significantly on your marketing budget.

Why wait? Request a free quotation today and embark on your journey towards vibrant, long-lasting, and cost-effective printed workwear solutions.


DTF – Robust Printed Workwear

Businesses and organisations in the UK are increasingly turning to printed workwear to make a bold statement, boost their brand visibility, and effectively promote their ventures. When it comes to personalised clothing, print is often the go-to choice for those looking for both quality and cost-efficiency. Printed workwear providers offer a wide range of options, including various colours, logos, and designs, allowing for the creating of distinctive garments that can be worn by staff or distributed as promotional giveaways.

But what exactly is printed workwear, and how can you make the most of it? In this article, we will dive into these questions, offering in-depth insights and valuable advice.

Printed workwear hasn’t always enjoyed a stellar reputation. In the past, it was associated with low-quality prints that quickly faded, leaving dull colours and lacklustre images. However, times have changed! Thanks to the latest Direct-to-Film (DTF) printers, you can now enjoy stunning prints that maintain their vibrancy even after enduring at least 50 washes. To put it into perspective, that’s once a week for an entire year!

Printed Workwear | Print Hi Vis Vests

Printed workwear is a growing trend in many workplaces worldwide, offering employees an extra sense of pride. It can range from T-shirts and polos to dress shirts and skirts, with logos, texts and images printed on them. Custom t-shirts and hoodies are also popular options for promotional or branding purposes. Printed workwear provides an attractive, unique touch to any uniform.

Printed Workwear

DTF vs DTG for Personalised Clothing

When printing customised garments, it is essential to consider the various techniques available. Direct-to-garment (DTG) and Digital Transfer (DTF) printing are two of the most common methods. Each has pros and cons, so assessing which suits your purpose best is important.

DTG printing is a great option for small runs of customised clothing, as there is no minimum order quantity. This makes it perfect for businesses that want to offer personalised clothing but don’t have the demand for large quantities. DTG printing is also a relatively quick process, so you won’t have to wait long to receive your printed garments.

However, DTG printing can be more expensive than DTF printing, and the quality of the print may not be as high. DTG prints can also fade over time, so it’s important to remember this when choosing this method. The DTG, Direct to Garment, wouldn’t be that suitable for workwear and uniforms that will be washed several times.

DTF, or direct-to-film, printing, is a great option for both small and large batches of apparel. The design is first printed onto a transfer film and then heat-pressed onto the fabric, making it more cost-effective than DTG printing. Furthermore, DTF prints on a vinyl sheet, resulting in clean edges and an improved print finish compared to DTG – with more accurate and vibrant colours.

Hi Vis Workwear | Printed Hi Vis Vests

DTF is extremely sturdy and ideal for custom-printed workwear. Compared to DTG printing, it doesn’t fade or crack even after multiple washes. Additionally, with no extra set-up charges, DTF makes it more affordable to order in smaller quantities.

Printing is Cheaper than Embroidery

Printing is a cheaper alternative to embroidery for workwear. When you compare the cost of machine-embroidered designs with the cost of printed designs, you’ll see that printed designs are much more affordable.

Printed workwear is usually cheaper due to the lack of setup fees. With embroidery, one has to pay a one-time charge to create the design template that will be used for their apparel; however, this is not needed when printing.

Printing offers no minimum order requirement, so you can order as many or as few items as you require. This will result in a lower price per item than if you got the same quantity of embroidered goods.

Printed workwear is typically quicker to produce than embroidered workwear. Design approval can be done quickly, with the item ready to be sent off to the printer. The turnaround time for completion of an embroidered piece tends to take longer due to its intricate stitching procedure.

If your company is looking to economise on uniforms or promotional clothing, printing offers a more cost-efficient solution than embroidery. Investing in printed apparel should help you get the most value for your money.

Robust Printed Workwear – at least 50 Washes

At Dynamic Embroidery, we ensure your printed workwear will be resilient and last through at least fifty washes. We only use the best quality inks and materials to make sure you look attractive and feel comfy whatever situation you’re in – whether it’s on a worksite or a warehouse.

Printed workwear used to have a bad reputation. Low-quality prints that didn’t last long, with dull colours and images – but not any more! The latest DTF printers mean you get awesome prints that stay vibrant after at least 50 washes – that’s once a week for a year without fail! And no peeling off the garment…

Here at Dynamic Embroidery, we use the latest DTF printer to supply custom and robust printed workwear to our clients. Vibrant logos and graphics can be printed on a variety of uniforms, hi-vis and bags. The prints will last a long time so long as they are washed at 40 degrees or lower. We recommend not to tumble dry – but if you do, then turn the garment inside out for best results.

Dynamic Embroidery can provide all your printed and embroidered workwear and uniform requirements. Our advanced DTF printer makes personalised clothing, workwear, and printed hoodies a breeze. For bulk or larger orders, we offer discounts as well as fixed-price uniforms for regular orders. If you’re looking for durable printed workwear, get in touch with us today to find out more about our services – you’ll save money on your company uniforms!

Personalised clothing is a great option for clubs and groups such as dance troupes and sports clubs. Our personalisation service provides the perfect opportunity to have your club logo or message printed on any of our products. This can be used as an effective way to promote your organisation while also making sure that everyone looks their best.

We hope this article proved beneficial to you. If you have any additional queries regarding printing workwear or embroidery, we’re available to answer them. Contact us today to learn more about our dependable printed workwear.

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