Dynamic Embroidery has the capacity and range of products available to successfully pitch for a school uniform tender for large orders of personalised workwear.

We understand the importance of meeting the needs of a school uniform tender and work closely with new, potential and existing clients to supply all the relevant information.

We can support with suggestions and considerations for the inventory of clothing that needs to be purchased, the sustainability of the design required and the best material to use.

When supplying a school uniform tender invite to Dynamic Embroidery, you can be assured that our combination of high quality garments, hi tech machinery and favourable prices will impress.

Our quality logos are produced using state of the art machines and can be embroidered from 6 to 10cm wide.

As part of the school uniform tender process we will highlight the quality of the garments that we source. Due to frequent use in a school environment, we understand the importance of using hard wearing and durable garments.

Logos can also be produced in a digital format which works well for occasional use, however we recommend embroidered logos for daily used items, especially in a school environment.

Our wide range of schoolwear includes polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, regatta fleeces, hoodies, softshell jackets, aprons and service, leisure wear, footwear and headwear.

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